Birds Nest


Seven Stars Bird’s Nest is gathered from the Riau Islands in Indonesia. Every piece of bird’s nest is painstakingly harvested by our professionals using only a pair of forceps to remove feathers and dirt particles. Our bird’s nest contains absolutely no artificial colouring and bleaching making it 99% pure and dry. Seven Stars Bird’s Nest assures the highest quality and a 100% money back guarantee should the product contain chemical traces.

Seven Stars Bird’s Nest has a commitment to you.
Delicate and exquisite – Seven Stars Bird’s Nest is an excellent choice for corporate gifts and gifts for your loved ones.

Seven Stars’ Birds Nest are guaranteed to be 100% natural and authentic.
These concentrated bird’s nests do not include artificial ingredients such as stabilisers, preservatives, colouring and bleaching agents.
It is known to nourish and moisturize one’s body.




七星燕窝天然纯正、品质保证、 滋补佳品、 送礼首选。

Concentrated Birds Nest